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How Adaptogens Boost Immunity


In the wellness world, adaptogens are a buzzword, popping up everywhere, from lifestyle blogs to juice bars and more. Now, the question is - what are adaptogens exactly? In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about adaptogens. The primary focus of this article is on the following topics: 

  • What are adaptogens?
  • How do adaptogens boost your immunity and strengthen resistance against disease? 

Without wasting further time, let's discuss the topic in detail. 

What Are Adaptogens? 

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants known to help the body resist all kinds of stressors, physical, biological, or chemical. Adaptogens are a group of herbs and mushrooms that support the body’s natural ability to cope with stress. They are known as adaptogens due to their unique ability to adapt their functions as per the body's specific requirements. These needs can be physical, biological, and chemical. 

Though adaptogenic herbs have been used for thousands of years in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic healing traditions, they are becoming more and more popular these days. They have unique compounds that can possess varying opposing characteristics, like being stimulating and relaxing. The exact response is triggered as per the specific requirements of the body.

There are different types of adaptogens out there in the market. Some can be consumed as a part of a meal, some can be taken as supplements, or others can be brewed into drinks. (1)


Each type of adaptogen claims to do something a bit unique, but as a whole, adaptogens can boost your immunity and help your body handle stress. They are often used as a healthy alternative to prescribed stimulants and medications, anabolic steroids, and basic pick-me-ups such as sugar and caffeine. 

Adaptogens are the natural cortisol tonic of the body - these almost magical herbs can help you adapt to stress and handle it effectively. They act by either preventing your natural stress response or calming your adrenal system from activating in the first place. (2)

They have also been used and commended by people in the regions where each grows naturally and natively, for instance, Rhodiola in Siberia, Ginseng in Asia, and Ashwagandha in India. (3, 4, 5)

The best thing is that adaptogens are committed to bringing you back into balance instead of sending you into caffeine-loaded adrenal fatigue. There are dozens of plants growing in some of the harshest environments that fall under the adaptogen category. For more details on adaptogens, click here. (6, 11)

Adaptogens for the Immune System

With incredible immune-boosting powers, adaptogens are herbs that can help you in boosting your immune system and strengthening your resistance against varying diseases. Used in Eastern medicine for centuries, adaptogens have been proven to improve imbalances within different body systems. Some of the most common adaptogen varieties come from Schisandra, Ginseng, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, and others. 

For instance, Peak Male - a supplement that includes multiple adaptogens is much more than just another herbal supplement. Peak Male is developed to protect your immune system in a manner that no other dietary supplement can, including other vitamins, minerals, and herbs. (7)

Peak Male’s adaptogenic formula has the amazing ability to determine where an issue exists in the body. It then works to bring it back to balance, a.k.a. Allostasis and homeostasis. Also, there's no other formula or supplement that can even come close to doing for you what Peak Male does. 

Scientifically-Proven to Boost Your Immunity

Many of the active components in the patent-pending formula of the Peak Male are - adaptogenic herbs. They protect your overall health and rejuvenate your body by assisting you to overcome the devastation of modern life in the state of physical, mental, psychological, chemical, and environmental stress. Not just this, but adaptogens also help you restore your endurance, energy, stamina, and vitality. 

Our immune system is like the "medicine cabinet" of the body, and this is the part where the Peak Male formula can be beneficial. Without having a healthy immune system, our body would be overrun by fungi, viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, and parasites. Firstly, the NK (Natural Killer) and phagocytes cells come into play to respond to such possible dangers. Often referred to as the "front-line defense" of the body, these cells attack strange invaders and inject a granule (a chemical bomb) into the enemy. These chemical bombs explode and demolish the cancer cells and bacteria in no time. 

These natural killer cells then switch to protect the body from further threats. As per recent research, as we grow, our NK cells’ capacity to respond immediately and actively declines, leading to health deterioration. Measurements of natural killer cell efficiency are closely associated with one's chances of survival. And the Peak Male formula increases NK cells’ activity, which can help you lower, treat, and recover from these illnesses. (2) 

As a supreme natural adaptogenic supplement, Peak Male also optimizes the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal-Thyroid (HPAT) axis and neuroendocrine system offering multiple scientifically-proven immune-boosting benefits. (7)

History of Adaptogens Use in TCM and Ayurvedic Medicine 

In the 1950s, Hans Selye theorized that stress directly affected the immune system and illness. Since his groundbreaking research, hundreds of studies have proven the direct relationship between chronic stress and its adverse impact on the well-being and immune system. (8)

When under chronic stress, the body diverts energy away from immune function, shifting to an inflammatory catabolic state, which opens the doors to viruses, pathogens, and chronic diseases. Bacterial infections, fungal infections, and viral infections all occur at a higher rate when higher stress levels have weakened the immune system. 

Long-term chronic stress has been linked to neurological disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, hypertension, cancer, allergies, heart disease, and virtually every degenerative disease and autoimmune condition. Overall, immunomodulation is greatly influenced by the release of various neuropeptides and hormones. 

In addition, the stress also directly affects immune function due to the flow of cortisol discharged by the adrenal glands. Cortisol prevents the ability of immune cells to activate telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme that keeps the body cells from wearing out by conserving telomere length. 

When telomeres get too small, the cell can no longer reproduce and divide. There's no doubt that short telomeres have associated a range of degenerative diseases and a shortened life span. (13)

To combat stress-related health problems and improve your immune function, a rare class of herbs was discovered, called "adaptogens." Adaptogens are herbs that have been used for generations in both TCM and Ayurvedic medicines, where they were the base of preventative approaches. In ancient times, adaptogens were used to promote healthy aging and increase longevity. Over the years, more scientific studies were conducted, and adaptogens were proven to support one's ability to handle stress, resulting in a better immune system.

Adaptogens, Stress, and Immunity 

In Russia, adaptogenic herbs have been successfully used to prevent respiratory illnesses. Several studies show nearly a 50% reduction in respiratory ailments due to the consumption of adaptogens. These experiments were performed on thousands of people using a single adaptogen, like ginseng or eleuthero. (12)

During experiments, all the involved people were asked to consume adaptogenic herb (single) every day for several years. The result may be surprising for many, but adaptogens are essential than immune-enhancing compounds for assisting healthy immune response, particularly during stressful times. 

Not just this, but the Soviet Union also performed several scientific studies over this specialized group of herbs for decades - basically from 1955 to 1985. (8) 

This study became so groundbreaking and influential that the scientists coined the word "adaptogen." This term refers to protective plants that help the body resist or adapt to every type of stress, including physical, mental, chemical, and environmental. (2, 10)

These experiments were performed in different secret research centers throughout Russia, where scientists used to research the space, sports, and military programs. 

Moreover, over the years, over 3000 clinical experimental studies and trials were conducted on adaptogens yielding remarkable discoveries. Yet, all these findings remained a hidden secret for years to other scientists across the globe. 

This phenomenal research on adaptogens and their health benefits was discovered by Western scientists in Europe and the US in the last few years (a decade or a half).

The same powerful adaptogens used by Soviets and have proven efficient in more than 3000 scientific and clinical experiments are available to you in the Peak Male formula. Here are a few things the adaptogenic herbs in Peak Male can do for you:

  • Reduce all types of stress, such as physical, mental, chemical, and environmental
  • Enhance your physical and mental performance
  • Increase your strength, endurance, and strength
  • Protect your health
  • Boost your immune system 

Overall, adaptogenic herbs boost immunity by supporting or balancing the glandular (endocrine) system. More particularly, laboratory tests have proven that adaptogens support adrenal functions, enhance cellular respiration, and help cells use oxygen more effectively. 

What are adaptogens? Adaptogen is a name given to a class of plants that are able to survive and even thrive in the harshest and most stressful conditions on earth.

When ingested, scientists have discovered that adaptogenic herbs pass their amazing ability to adapt to stressful conditions on to people! 1, *

The small group of plants that are classified as primary adaptogens are unique in that they contain a wide range of multifaceted compounds making them nutritionally superior to vitamins, minerals, superfoods, supplements, and other herbs. There are only 11 known plants and substances on the planet that can be classified as true primary adaptogens.



Adaptogens are not a new concept in the market. They have been studied throughout history to boost the body’s ability to respond to stress, fight off fatigue, enhance energy and attention, and boost the immune system.  

Note: New studies are conducting to figure out how adaptogenic herbs may help treat chronic diseases, such as heart and respiratory conditions. 

If you don't have any other health issues, incorporating adaptogenic herbs into your diet plan may be worth trying. Many of us know that stress is an epidemic, and if adaptogenic herbs are potential stress protectors, consider giving them a try. 

As research on adaptogens is still going on, make sure to use caution. It is always best to visit a registered physical before you start consuming any supplements. 

Also, keep in mind that while adaptogenic herbs may be beneficial over the long run, they probably won't prevent all your stress-related issues. 


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Adaptogenic herbs are gaining recognition for their ability to bolster the immune system and combat stress. This article provides an in-depth look at how adaptogens function, their historical roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, and their modern applications. Learn how these potent herbs can help you achieve a balanced state of health by modulating stress responses and enhancing immunity. From Ginseng to Rhodiola, explore the adaptogens that could be the key to your well-being.

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Adaptogenic herbs are gaining recognition for their ability to bolster the immune system and combat stress. This article provides an in-depth look at how adaptogens function, their historical roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, and their modern applications. Learn how these potent herbs can help you achieve a balanced state of health by modulating stress responses and enhancing immunity. From Ginseng to Rhodiola, explore the adaptogens that could be the key to your well-being.

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