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    • Conquers Stubborn Belly Fat
    • Enjoy All Day Energy
    • Builds Muscle, Strength & Stamina
    • Improves Libido
    • Sleep Like a Rock
    • Increases Mental Clarity
    • De-stress Your Mind & Body
    • Improves Mood
    • Rejuvenates Your Whole Body
    • Protects Your Health from the Ravages of Stress

Product Overview

Gain Energy, Lose Stubborn Fat, Relieve Stress, Improve Mood,
Feel Rejuvenated & Sleep Great!

Specially designed for women to optimize their hormone levels, EmpowHERTM is a powerful formula that can protect a woman’s health in ways no other supplement can.

The power behind the EmpowHER formula is that it identifies where a problem exists and then safely works to bring your body and hormones and back into balance -- truly revitalizing and rejuvenating your whole body.

As a premium natural hormone support supplement, EmpowHER provides an impressive number of scientifically-proven benefits

There is no other women’s supplement that comes close to doing for you what EmpowHER will do!*

12 Powerful Ways EmpowHER Can Revitalize Your Life

Similar to Peak Male, our men’s formula, many of the active ingredients in EmpowHER’s unique patent-pending formula are "adaptogenic” herbs. Adaptogens protect your health and rejuvenate your entire body by helping you overcome the ravages of modern life in the form of physical, mental, chemical, psychological, and environmental --  while also restoring your energy, stamina, endurance, and vitality. *

Here are some of the amazing benefits that the herbs in EmpowHER have been proven to provide:

Complete Hormonal Balance (Not Just Thyroid)

EmpowHer works to balance ALL your hormones. Hormones regulate almost everything in your body, and when even one of them is too high or too low, there can be problems. There is a multitude of reasons why any of the 50+ hormones produced by the human body can get out of balance, and the longer the imbalance persists,  the more problems can arise. The herbs in EmpowHER have been shown to be very effective in normalizing your hormone levels which can bring your body back into the optimal balance. 6, *

Increased Energy & Vitality & Less Fatigue

EmpowHER supports long-lasting, sustained energy at the cellular, mitochondria level. Mitochondria are often referred to as the “powerhouses of the cell” because they are responsible for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the chemical energy cells need to survive. No energy = no life, so the importance of ATP in your body cannot be overstated. Our unique combination of adaptogenic herbs helps your mitochondria function at an optimal level and pump out healthy amounts of ATP which reduces fatigue and keeps your body energized all day long with none of the jitters of stimulants. 6, 7, *

Powerful Stress & Anxiety Relief

EmpowHER contains nature's most powerful anti-stress and anti-anxiety herbs. Specifically formulated to reduce all types of stress and the damage it causes as well as increase your resistance to stress. Stressors hit us continuously in the form of short term acute stress and long term chronic stress. Whether the stressors come from toxins in food, drinks, medications, or the air we breathe --  or is mental stress from work, relationships, financial issues -- or physical stress from lack of sleep or too much exertion, they all have a cumulative effect that is damaging to the body in a multitude of different ways. EmpowHER’s unique and powerful formula protects you from the serious, life-shortening health dangers all of these stressors can cause. 5, 6, 24, *

Attacks Stubborn Fat

EmpowHER’s powerful blend of natural herbs is designed to boost your metabolism and increase fat burning. EmpowHER is specially formulated to optimize the master metabolic switch in your body (known as “AMPK”). If your metabolism is sluggish and not burning fat at an optimal level, your metabolic switch may be "turned off". Our patent-pending formula contains a proprietary herbal blend, Metabo-LiteTM, designed to flip your metabolic switch on and jump-start your metabolism without using any stimulants. 5, *

Anti-Aging & Stem, Cell Activation

The amazing plant compounds in EmpowHER have powerful regenerative and rejuvenating abilities which can help to fortify and rebuild cells -- especially as it relates to stem cells. Stem cells are a special type of cell with the ability to transform into different cell types in the body. This trait gives stem cells the ability to repair, rejuvenate, and replenish damaged cells. This includes cells in the lining of the intestine, skin, blood, brain, organs, muscles, blood vessels, bone marrow, and other tissues. Stem cells can help with pain reduction, inflammation, nerve damage, increased collagen production, and the regeneration of heart and blood vessel tissue (angiogenesis). EmpowHER is formulated with powerful bioactive phytochemicals that have been scientifically proven to activate stem cells to provide an anabolic (building-up) effect to the body. 29, 30, 31, *

Better Mood & Mental Clarity

EmpowHER provides the perfect blend of time-tested, brain-boosting herbs which support healthy brain activity by specifically acting on the key neurotransmitters such as serotonin. These neuro-chemicals help improve mood, alleviate depression, increase mental and physical stamina; improve nervous system function, movement, endurance, and the circulation that are important for clear thinking and a healthy memory. A second way EmpowHER improves mental functioning is by relieving stress which is often the reason we have “brain fog”. When stress is relieved, you can focus and concentrate much better, think more clearly and enjoy a significant improvement in memory. 7, *

Sound, Restful Sleep

Recent research shows that sleep quality is mainly governed by stress and hormones. And these are two areas where EmpowHER shines for you. EmpowHER utilizes a combination of herbs shown to help people fall asleep and stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. This important benefit has wide-reaching health benefits. In fact, poor sleep can have detrimental effects on the entire body and contributes to many serious problems including increased risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, a weakened immune system (which exposes you to many other diseases) and a shortened lifespan. 8, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, 20, 21, 22, *

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relieving Herbs

Studies show that the adaptogens in EmpowHER have exceptional anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Extensive research has linked inflammation to nearly every disease we face today. EmpowHER helps suppress chronic inflammation and supports a healthy inflammation response because the process of inflammation relies greatly on hormonal feedback. When this feedback is disrupted (by stress or metabolic syndrome) the immune system has trouble recognizing when and for how long to activate the inflammatory response. (3) This opens the door for numerous diseases. Because EmpowHER naturally helps your body balance hormone levels, your body can more easily respond to these normal physiological stages and prevent inflammation from becoming chronic. 2, 4, 6, *

Rich In Antioxidants

EmpowHER is loaded with healthy antioxidants. That’s because all adaptogens are powerful antioxidants; however, very few antioxidants are adaptogens. Chronic oxidation in the body can cause inflammation and a host of other health problems including advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are formed when protein or fat combine with sugar in the bloodstream, and they literally cause every part of your body to age from your skin to your brain to your organs. The powerful antioxidant effects of the herbs in EmpowHER reduce oxidative stress and AGEs throughout the body which reduces the inflammation and the catabolic breakdown they cause. 25, 26, *

Circulation & Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer disease of Americans today. A leading factor in cardiovascular health is nitric oxide (NO.). NO is naturally produced in our cells and plays an important role in protecting against the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease (28) and is crucial to heart and blood vessel health. Increasing levels of nitric oxide not only supports healthy blood flow and circulation by relaxing and dilating arteries and blood vessels, but it stimulates the development of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) for healing. Nitric oxide production tends to decline with age which is why EmpowHER was formulated with specific ingredients proven to increase NO, promote good circulation, and support cardiovascular health.*


EmpowHER helps you ‘clean house’ by attacking harmful toxins. Toxins are accumulated through everyday life and can cause a whole host of health problems including low energy, lack of motivation, accelerated aging, mental fog, difficulty sleeping, depression, headaches, weight gain, hormonal imbalances and more. EmpowHER works on the cellular level to detoxify your entire body from your brain to your blood to your organs, to your hormone-regulating glands. By detoxifying on a cellular level you get to the heart of the problem and strengthen and revitalize all of the cells in your body. *

Muscle Strength and Endurance

Regardless of your age, EmpowHER is specially designed to help your body reach a regenerative (or anabolic) phase. The primary herbs in EmpowrHer work in combination with other supportive herbs designed to increase protein synthesis and support your most important revitalizing and regenerative hormones, including, DHEA, thyroid hormone, human growth hormone (HGH), and testosterone (yes women need testosterone too!). Studies show that the herbs in EmpowHER are proven to increase endurance and energy levels muscle strength and reduce cellular damage and inflammation. At the same time, these herbs are decreasing body fat percentages. 1, 24, *

EmpowHERTM Product Details

  • Safe and natural
  • No harmful ingredients
  • No caffeine and no stimulants
  • All-natural adaptogenic herbal formula
  • Safe for long term use and no prescription required
  • Servings per bottle: 30 (120 Capsules)
  • Satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility in the USA
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • No soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts or wheat

120-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident you will be very happy with the results you gain from Peak Male. That's why we offer the industry-leading 120-day satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not delighted with Peak Male, just return the unused portion or even empty bottles with your name and address within 120 days of your purchase date. Upon receipt, we will refund your purchase price, less shipping & handling within 24 hours of receiving your return (except on holidays and weekends). Refunds typically take an additional 3 to 4 business days to show on your credit card statement.

Sources & References

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Adaptogens: the Stunning Soviet Discovery


Adaptogens are ancient, natural herbs that come from a highly-researched specific type of plant that has developed properties to:

  • Adapt to the most extreme, harsh and stressful environments on earth.
  • When ingested, scientists have discovered these adaptogenic herbs pass their 'amazing ability to adapt to stress’ on to people.
  • Adaptogens were used in ancient Chinese medicine, by Viking Warriors, Siberian hunters, and other cultures to increase energy, strength, and mental and physical endurance before going on dangerous hunts, into battle, or on long, arduous journeys. (1)
  • Adaptogens have also been used for centuries as a healer by many different Asian cultures who discovered they strengthen the body’s resistance to disease and have anti-fatigue, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, anti-depression, and anti-aging characteristics. (2)
  • In modern times, these herbs were rediscovered by Soviet scientists and given to their Olympic athletes, astronauts, elite soldiers, and even World Champion chess players because of their amazing ability to reduce stress and strengthen immunity coupled with their incredible physical and mental performance-boosting properties.

For more information about the modern use of adaptogens go here: The Amazing Russian Discovery

It’s Awesome!

I’ve tried this product for 2 months, and I can really tell a difference. I’ve had insomnia for 4 years since I lost my partner in 2015. I went through 2 surgeries this year, and I’ve never gone through so much in one year. Physically and mentally I’ve been under a lot of stress, and now I’m bouncing back and sleeping much better. I’m feeling better, I’m able to work. And the energy . . . it’s amazing! I get up every morning and ride my bike 20 miles and then I go train my clients in my Pilates studio. I’m recovering now, my body is coming back, my muscles are coming back, my tummy is going down, and I’m SLEEPING! And for me to sleep -- my whole family, everyone is just blown away! It’s just awesome! I want to share this with my clients. And I won’t promote something unless it really works. I’ve tried a lot of different things, but this one has really worked! You guys are on to something!

--Theresa Goodwin

More Energy, Better Sleep, Better Mood, Less Pain

The first difference that I noticed during the first couple of weeks of taking Empower Her was feeling more calm and less stressed about things. I also started sleeping a whole lot better and not waking up in the night anymore with my mind racing. I have more energy and I'm just feeling a lot better because I'm now getting a good night’s sleep (which is something that I haven't been able to do consistently for years.) The other major benefit I've seen is a lot less pain during my periods. I'm also less moody and emotional than I was before and my husband tells me I'm easier to get along with. He wants me to keep taking this.

--Janice R, Dallas, TX

Great Product for Multiple Symptoms

I like the fact that it has so much for so many symptoms -- makes it easy to take less supplements. Has provided balance, less anxiety and weight loss.


My Night Sweats Are Improving

This supplement for balancing a woman’s hormones is loaded with a huge list of ingredients that include vitamins and herbs that do wonders for hormonal balance. As with all herbs, they take time to truly reach their full potential, but there are enough things going on in this EmpowHER supplement that I already feel its effects after only a couple weeks of trying it out. It took a few days for my body to adjust, so I do recommend you take this with food, but one thing that is really showing improvement in my personal experience with this product is the dreaded night-sweats are starting to wane. I’m in my late forties, and I have been searching for a homeopathic way to deal with the slump in my hormones, so I look forward to seeing how else this product will be of use to me.


It’s Amazing!

It’s amazing what this product is doing for me! Since taking it, I have so much more energy, I’m losing fat, my mood is better, and I just feel much better overall. I feel a lot less stressed out, and my mind seems to be clearer. The best thing is that I’m sleeping better than I have in many years. If all this product did was help me to sleep better, it would be well worth the price, but it’s helping me in so many other ways too!

--Jamie C, Sacramento, CA

So far, so good!!

I just received these EmpowHER hormone balancing supplement over the weekend and my initial feeling is positive! It arrived quickly and well packaged. It is packed full of nutrients to help balance my body. The capsules are standard size and easy to take. There is no discernible taste or after taste.


Been taking for just a week or two.

I feel more balanced.

--Jennifer S

Includes several things you’re looking for in one

For more energy and sensitivity.


Good for mood and if need estrogen

I liked the mood enhancing effects, but I didn’t need more estrogen.


The Amazing Russian Discovery

Hidden for Decades . . .

“Discover the Closely Guarded Soviet Secret that Resulted in Winning an Unprecedented 195 Medals in the 1980 Olympics”

From the Cold War to the Space Race, the U.S.S.R. had one mission:

To Conquer the World

And only one country stood in its way: the U.S.A.

It was a very dangerous time in history. The world was on edge as its two great Superpowers were pitted against each other in a frightening nuclear arms race with the threat of World War III and nuclear annihilation looming on the horizon.

The West never forgot the day during the height of the Cold War when Communist dictator, Nikita Khrushchev, in a speech to Western diplomats, took off his shoe and banged it loudly on the podium in front of him as he angrily shouted:

-Communist Dictator, Nikita Khrushchev, 1960


Or the Cuban Nuclear Missile crisis when the Soviets placed nuclear weapons only 90 miles off the shore of Florida. A frightening, tension-filled showdown resulted as the US and USSR faced off in the biggest, most threatening confrontation ever -- a showdown that could have easily led to a nuclear holocaust. For 13 long days in October of 1962, the world held its breath wondering if this would be the start of . . .

World War III and Mutually Assured Destruction

No one really wanted war because both countries knew if they initiated a nuclear war, it would be impossible to destroy the enemy without also being destroyed themselves in the process.

Each side had a strategy designed to prevent an attack from the other. It was known as “Mutually Assured Destruction” (or “MAD”). MAD was truly a no-win situation, and some have speculated it might have actually prevented the Cold War from turning into an all-out nuclear war.

The USSR Found Another Way to Win

The Soviet Union’s goal was to dominate the world -- militarily, politically, and scientifically. But plagued by economic problems: poverty, scarcity, food shortages, and hours-long bread lines (think Venezuela today), the Soviets knew they couldn't hold a candle to the West's boundless economic growth and prosperity after WWII. Driven by a desperate desire to catch up with the West, the Soviets determined they would beat the West in another way:

On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the first man ever to travel into outer space.

Determined to win more Olympic medals than any other nation, the USSR discovered an astonishing way to gain an advantage over all its rivals, including the USA.

by having the best performing (both mentally and physically), strongest, smartest and most productive people in the world including the greatest athletes, military, scientists, doctors, astronauts, and even chess players.

With this goal in mind, long before the Russians started using banned substances at the Olympics, the USSR secretly hired a team of over 1200 of the highest-level Russian scientists, biologists, and physicians to develop natural “tonic substances” that boosted the performance of their elite personnel while adhering to strict health guidelines.11, * And these top scientists worked for decades on this secret project.

What did the Soviet Scientists Discover?

Over 1200 Soviet scientists conducted 3000+ studies on the effectiveness of adaptogens to increase human performance.

This "modern research" got an early start during World War II in an effort to increase stamina, endurance, and performance of Russian soldiers who were thrust into the worst fighting conditions on earth.2, *

The Soviet Academy of Science studied 4000 different plants and was the first in modern history to discover a small group of herbs that could greatly reduce stress and improve the mental and physical performance of their pilots and submarine crews.

What these scientists found led to extensive research into the power of these unique plants that gave "adaptive properties" to both humans and animals that enabled them to flourish in the harshest and most stressful environments on earth.

But these amazing herbs were not new; they had actually been used for thousands of years by numerous other cultures!

"The Soviets' pursuit of superior military strength, performance in the Olympic Games, political power, and the excellence of the well-known Bolshoi ballet mattered so much to them that whatever they could do to accomplish the goal of dominance was pursued."

Over 1200 Soviet scientists conducted 3000+ studies on the effectiveness of adaptogens to increase human performance.

In traditional Chinese medicine, these herbs were classified as effective for increasing physical and mental capacity, reducing fatigue, improving resistance to disease, and promoting life extension.

In ancient China and other countries, these herbs were given to soldiers right before going into battle to increase their stamina and endurance. In Siberia, they were used by hunters before dangerous hunts and travelers before embarking on long, difficult journeys. But “despite countless legends and thousands of years of use by people in China, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Europe, the benefits of these plants had never been scientifically studied.” 9, * Until the Soviet scientists discovered them.

Their Research was Massive!

The Soviet research on this specialized group of herbs became so powerful and groundbreaking that they coined the term "adaptogen" -- which refers to protective plants that help the body adapt to and resist mental, physical and environmental stress.1, 10, *

After the war, this study of adaptogens opened up the vast field of biomedicinal research in the USSR. Studies were carried on in many secret research centers across Russia where scientists conducted research for the military, sports and space programs.

The Ministry of Defense conducted tests in the 1970s in a secret, sealed research city on the frigid plains of Siberia.5, *

The Soviet Union's desire to be the best in the would "fueled the scientific study and resulting scientific validation of many adaptogenic plants over the course of three decades, primarily from 1995 through 1985." (7)

The Ministry of Defense conducted tests in the 1970s in a secret, sealed research city on the frigid plains of Siberia.5, *

Yet these discoveries remained a hidden secret for decades!

Over the years, more than 3000 clinical trials and experimental studies on adaptogens were conducted11, * yielding amazing discoveries.

Not only was research conducted on the elite of Soviet society (Olympic athletes, astronauts, political officers, scientists, doctors, pilots, elite military, etc.), it was also conducted on average working people, including factory workers, truck drivers, and mine workers . . . and produced startling results.11, *

Forbidden to Share Their Discoveries with the World

The Soviet government wasn’t about to leak the secrets of increased human performance for the rest of the world to benefit from. They demanded the strictest secrecy on this carefully-guarded research, and researchers were under threat of imprisonment if they ever let the secrets out.

The soviet government supported the scientific research of adaptogens because it shrewdly recognized that these herbs could provide the soviets with an advantage in the sports and military arenas, as well as in medicine.

Because most of the 3000+ scientific studies were never translated from Russian into other languages, they were unknown for decades to other scientists around the world. When the USSR finally fell in the early 1990s, much of the research was lost until recently being rediscovered.

Adaptogens Enabled Incredible Mental and Physical Results

Because of these well-researched and documented results, adaptogens became massively useful at the highest levels of performance. They were used in the Soviet space exploration program, Arctic expeditions, high-level athletic competitions including the Olympic Games, World Chess Competitions, Soviet nuclear programs and in many other highly demanding and stressful circumstances.2, *

Using adaptogens, the Soviet Union was able to:
  • Win an unprecedented 80 Gold and 195 total medals in the 1980 Olympics 
  • Championed the Space Race by being the first nation to send a man into space
  • Win an amazing ten back-to-back World Chess Championships
  • Pioneered many nuclear programs including harnessing nuclear energy for electricity and building the world’s first nuclear power plant
  • Accomplished many global-dominating achievements and scientific advances

Adaptogenic herbs were credited for much of the astounding performance of Soviet athletes in the 1980 and 1988 Olympic games.

Now these same powerful Adaptogenic herbs used by the Soviets and proven effective in over 3000 clinical and scientific studies are . . .

Available to You in Peak Male!

And here are some of the things the adaptogens in Peak Male can do for you:

  • Increase your ability to perform under and withstand even the highest
  • levels of all types of stress -- including mental, physical, chemical and environmental stress
  • Increase your energy, strength, and endurance
  • Improve your mental and physical performance
  • Help you think more clearly and improve your concentration and memory
  • Protect your body from the harmful, life-threatening effects of stress
  • Have a calming, anti-anxiety effect on you
  • Help you sleep much better
  • Boost your immune system and protect your health
  • Reduce aches and pain due to anti-inflammatory properties
  • Extend the lifespan of your cells and promote anti-aging
  • Activate stem cell production
  • Rejuvenate your entire body

The Soviet government hired over a thousand high-level scientists who worked for decades to find ways to make their people stronger, smarter, healthier and the most outstanding performers on earth. Using adaptogens, here’s what they found:

Elite Athletes Improved Performance, Stamina and Recovery

  • The Study: Soviet Olympic teams and other sports teams during challenging training and competition.
  • The Result: Improved stamina and recovery, increased oxygen intake, and better performance.

Amazing Improvement in Immunity Under Harshest Conditions

  • Study of 1,000 mining workers in Siberia.
  • The Result: Incidence of cases during an influenza epidemic dropped by 67%.

Truck Drivers Improve Productivity, Resist Sickness

  • The Study: 1,200 long-distance truck drivers.
  • The Result: Improved productivity and reduced incidence of influenza cases during an epidemic by 30%.

14,000 Factory Workers Reduce Heart Disease

  • The Study: 14,000 auto factory workers.
  • The Result: 40% drop in symptoms of high blood pressure and heart disease; a 30% decrease in total reported symptoms

50% Decrease in Cancer Drugs!

  • The Study: 107 patients receiving anti-cancer drugs for gastric cancer.
  • The Result: 50% less damage to immunity; a 50% decrease in drug dosage.9, *

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10. Rhodiola Combats “Burnout” Syndrome, Life Extension Magazine, Oct. 2019

11. Adaptogens - Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief, David Winston


Supported by Solid Science . . .

Why Adaptogens Make Peak Male Far Superior to Every Other T-Booster in the World

Adaptogens are an ancient, highly-researched type of herb that has developed the ability to adapt to, and even flourish in, the most extreme, harsh and stressful environments on earth.

Adaptogens: A small but extremely powerful class of herbs

What are adaptogens? Adaptogen is a name given to a class of plants that are able to survive and even thrive in the harshest and most stressful conditions on earth.

When ingested, scientists have discovered that adaptogenic herbs pass their amazing ability to adapt to stressful conditions on to people!

The small group of plants that are classified as adaptogens are unique in that they contain a wide range of multifaceted compounds making them nutritionally superior to vitamins, minerals, supplements, and other herbs.

Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years in ancient traditional Chinese (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine and by people in Russia, Japan, Korea, and Europe.

Viking Warriors to Siberian Hunters to Ancient Chinese Healers ...

They were used by Viking Warriors and Siberian hunters to increase energy, strength, and mental and physical endurance under the most stressful conditions, such as: before going into battle, on dangerous hunts, and on long, arduous journeys. (1)

Adaptogens have also been used for thousands of years for healing by many different Asian cultures who discovered they strengthen the body’s resistance to disease and have powerful anti-fatigue, anti-anxietyanti-inflammatory, anti-stress, anti-depression and anti-aging characteristics. (2)

Viking Warriors used the same adaptogens that are in Peak Male

The same adaptogens in Peak Male were used by Viking Warriors and Siberian hunters to increase energy, strength, and mental and physical endurance before going on dangerous hunts, into battle, or on long, arduous journeys. (1)

1,500 Scientists Discovered ...

In modern times, these herbs were rediscovered by Soviet scientists who conducted thousands of research studies on them over several decades proving their effectiveness. (See the Secret Soviet Discovery for the complete story).  

So powerful was their ability to naturally enhance mental and physical performance, the USSR forbade their scientists to speak about their results or publish  their findings outside the country. (reference)

 The Soviet Union gave adaptogens to their Olympic athletes, astronauts, political officers, scientists, doctors, military, and even World Champion chess players because of their amazing ability to reduce stress and strengthen immunity coupled with their incredible physical and mental performance-boosting properties. (3)

What’s more, studies show when adaptogens are combined with other adaptogens and unique natural compounds, they create a synergy magnifying the benefits beyond just the sum of the individual compounds.

Give Yourself ‘The Adaptogen Advantage’

You can now get the same benefits people have seen for centuries using adaptogens because both the Peak Male and the EmpowHER formulas contain a combination of some of the most powerful and effective adaptogenic herbs on earth in therapeutic dosages that have been proven effective.

The true adaptogenic herbs in the correct dosage, all working together, are what sets Peak Male and EmpowHER apart from every other T-Booster and Natural Hormone Support formula on the planet. No other T-booster can hold a candle to Peak Male and no other women’s formula comes close to the extraordinary benefits they provide! Here is a brief summary of what each adaptogen can do for you.


Protects your body from the dangers of stress, as reported by over 3,000 studies.

Eleuthero is known as “the King of Adaptogens”.  That's because it has been so well-studied and provides so much therapeutic value and different benefits.

In fact, there are more published scientific studies (more than 3,000) on eleuthero than on any other herb in the world!

The use of eleuthero dates back two thousand years when it was used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to prevent respiratory tract infections, colds, and the flu. It was also believed to provide energy and vitality.

Eleuthero shields you from the dangers that prolonged stress can have on your health 

Eleuthero protects the body and enhances various body systems against many different types of stressors, including those resulting from workload, heat, cold, excessive exercise, a quick decrease of muscle loss and even radiation

 Eleuthero demonstrates favorable effects on various human functions as well, including visual acuity, color differentiation, hearing, cognition and fatigue. 

More than any other adaptogen, eleuthero helps balance the body. For example:

  • Eleuthero can help to normalize blood pressure in patients with either elevated or lowered blood pressure, or, 
  • Eleuthero helps to normalize blood sugar levels in either low or high blood sugar. 10 

Eleuthero’s wide range of therapeutic actions, lack of side effects and toxicity, and overall normalizing action justify its reputation as the King of Adaptogens.


 for mental health, memory and clear-thinking,  physical performance, cardiovascular protection

Like eleuthero, Rhodiola has undergone extensive clinical, pharmacological, and toxicological testing in humans and animals.  

One of rhodiola’s greatest attributes is its ability to enhance mental and physical performance. It has been widely used by Russian athletes and cosmonauts to increase energy and stamina. (Yance)

Rhodiola  is cardioprotective, normalizing the heart rate immediately after intense exercise, and it controls stress-induced cardiovascular-related conditions. It also protects the heart system from stress and arrhythmias and possesses significant antioxidant activity. It improves the nervous system and mental functions, including memory, by increasing the blood supply to the muscles and brain, and it also increases protein synthesis, an anabolic effect.  (Yance)

Both human and animal experiments have demonstrated that rhodiola extract enhances immunity and increases the capacity for exercise. Rhodiola extract not only possesses a high nutritive value, it has also been shown to prolong animal life.  (Yance)


The ultimate natural anti-aging herb that has similar benefits to two prescription meds that have recently been found to extend lifespan and even reverse aging!  (reference)

Ashwagandha is one of the most revered plants in Ayurvedic medicine. The various meanings of the different names of ashwagandha suggest its adaptogenic qualities: the common name, ashwagandha, means “strong as a horse,” while the botanical species name, somnifera, means “restful sleep.”  (Yance)

Ashwagandha root is classified in Ayurveda as  one of a group of elite herbal medicines which promote physical and mental health,  increase the body’s resistance  disease and negative environmental factors,  revitalize the body in debilitated conditions, and  increase longevity.   Traditionally it  has been used as a remedy against asthma, bronchitis, psoriasis and dementia. It’s also used as an aphrodisiac. 8 

Ashwagandha was  specifically chosen to be part of Peak Male because of it’s extremely wide range of benefits such as combating arthritis, relieving  stress and anxiety, reducing insomnia and improving sleep, and even relieving male infertility. 1 

Broadly speaking, ashwagandha is considered a premier herb for all negative conditions associated with aging.  This includes its use in the prevention and inhibition of senile dementia and arthritis. (Yance)

Ashwagandha, like eleuthero, is a balanced herbal adaptogen best combined with other adaptogens to optimize its effects.


Builds lean muscle, reduces body fat, improves sleep, builds athletic performance, improves mental acuity AND makes you feel better!

Rhaponticum is simply amazing. Rhaponticum is a classic adaptogen, possessing a wide spectrum of life-building activities. It has been shown to build lean muscle, reduce body fat, improve work and athletic performance, relieve depression, and improve mental acuity and memory. 68 

Moreover, rhaponticum aids all the vital organ systems and delays the effects of aging.69 

Rhaponticum comes from a large perennial herb which provides a normalizing effect on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Rhaponticum also acts on the skeletal muscles as well as on other areas of the body, including the liver, heart, kidneys, and brain. (Yance)

Rhaponticum reverses Low T and
balances the symptoms of Menopause (Yance)

Rhaponticum is a tonic for the vital organ systems and blood and delays the effects of aging. (Yance)  It nourishes the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-thyroid axis (HPAT), the endocrine hub, and is thus useful for both andropause and menopause. (Yance)  It acts both on the physical and psychological levels. It improves recovery from illness and is particularly valuable in helping cancer patients overcome fatigue. (Yance)

Used during periods of intense muscular activity, rhaponticum supports proper energy metabolism, maintains stable sugar (glycogen) levels in the skeletal muscles, increases the blood supply to the muscles and brain, and shortens the recovery period after prolonged muscular workloads. (Yance)

The mental and physical antifatigue effects of rhaponticum extract have been demonstrated in both animal and human trials. (Yance)


Builds endurance, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, fights depression and forgetfulness

Throughout the ages, many generations of people from the Far East have enjoyed the benefits of schisandra as an anti-fatigue agent. Today, Siberia hunters use the dry berries in the form of tea or just chew the seeds to provide extra energy during long journeys. 1 

Similar to a cup of coffee, schisandra stimulates the central nervous system but doesn't have the jittery side effects while enhancing both mental and physical capabilities.  Schisandra was first used in Russia when scientists in the Far East regions found that local hunters used the berries and seeds to “follow a sable all the day without food.” 9

Schizandra Increases Vitality and Reduces Fatigue

Schisandra seed offers a wide range of treatments. Most notably and far-reaching, it’s widely used for the treatment of stress-induced nervous system exhaustion and fatigue. (Yance)

Additionally, Schisandra is used to enhance athletic performance, for liver detoxification and protection, and to treat insomnia, weakness, depression, forgetfulness, vision problems, diarrhea, and chemical toxicity.   (Yance)

Not only does schizandra preserve muscle in older adults (ergo-log), but schizandra helps protect against stress even under the most extreme conditions. Researchers with the Swedish Herbal Institute Research & Development (pubmed) report:

Schizandra increases physical working capacity and affords a stress-protective effect against a broad spectrum of harmful factors including heat shock, skin burn, cooling, frostbite, immobilisation, swimming under load in an atmosphere with decreased air pressure, aseptic inflammation, irradiation, and heavy metal intoxication.

These same researchers also found that, in healthy people, Schizandra increases endurance and accuracy of movement, mental performance and working capacity. (pubmed) 

Panax Ginseng: 

5,000 years treating tiredness, overexertion, blood pressure, blood sugar and depression

Ginseng is highly revered throughout Asia. 

With more than 500 scientific papers published on it throughout the world, Ginseng has been used as a traditional medicine in Asia for more than five thousand years. (Yance)

Ginseng is used to treat tiredness, overexertion, nervous exhaustion, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, mild depression and blood sugar regulation.  (Yance)

Ginseng has been classified in China as the top grade herb, which has been recognized with prominent effects of nourishing, sturdiness, benefit to intelligence, vigor and life prolonging.  (Yance)

The modern medical research proves that panax ginseng extract has many functions such as improvement of the human immunity, anticancer, fatigue resistance, anoxia resistance, radiation resistance and senility resistance, etc. and good treatment effect on coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, anemia, nerve function disease and diabetes, etc.  (Yance)

Ancient healing powers of Ginseng

Ginseng is appropriate for fatigue, recovery from pneumonia or bronchitis (especially with a dry cough), chronic fatigue (especially when accompanied by anxiety), asthma, chronic stress with depression or anxiety, and autoimmune diseases of the lungs or GI tract.  (Yance)

To get the most from ginseng, as well as all the other adaptogens, it is best to combine it in a formula where it supports other adaptogens, and is supported by other adaptogens, rather than using it by itself.

Panax ginseng was said to be able to “support the five visceral organs, calm the nerves, tranquilize the mind, stop convulsions, expunge evil spirits, qi, the lungs, the spleen, and the stomach. Ginseng generates fluids, benefits the heart, and calms the spirit. Its primary purpose is in treating patterns of qi deficiency, especially of the spleen and lung meridian systems. 

--Herbal Classic of the Divine Plowman, published around 101 bc


Used by elite military units, cosmonauts, and Olympic athletes for energy, strength, recovery, endurance, immune, and nervous system balance

Health organizations are not the only groups interested in shilajit. In Russia it has been used by elite military fighting groups, to help prepare cosmonauts before, and during space travel, and as an important element of the restoration programs of national and Olympic-level athletes.  (Yance)

Shilajit is an adaptogen used for immune and nervous system disorders, urinary tract problems, chronic fatigue, memory loss, tumor reduction, and sexual dysfunction. It is an adaptogen—a known free-radical scavenger and antistress agent.  (Yance)

Used in the ayurvedic and siddha systems of medicine that originated in India, shilajit is important as it slows the aging process and prolongs life.   It is known to strengthen general health and the resistance of all tissues and cells of the body.  (Yance)

The word shilajit in Sanskrit translates to “destroyer of weakness.”

Shilajit is considered a yogavahi (a substance that has the quality of penetrating the deepest tissues of the body), thus it strengthens and enhances all other herbs and processes in the body.  (Yance)

Improve libido, reverse ED and rejuvenate 
your whole body with Shilajit

According to traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, there is hardly any disease that cannot be controlled or cured with shilajit. It is especially employed in genital and urinary diseases, diabetes and to support liver, gallbladder, and spleen function as well as the entire digestive system.  (Yance)

Shilajit is also useful as an aphrodisiac, rejuvenator, alterative tonic, respiratory tonic, stimulant, and internal antiseptic. It is a diuretic and is used for weight management and the treatment of worms and piles, renal and bladder stones, nervous diseases, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, eczema, anorexia, and fracture of bones. (Yance)

Now you can experience the same benefits mentioned above that people have seen for centuries using adaptogens because Peak Male contains a combination of the most powerful and effective adaptogenic herbs on earth in therapeutic dosages that have been proven effective by thousands of studies.

The Adaptogen Advantage

 Adaptogenic herbs are what sets Peak Male apart from every other T-Booster on the planet. No other T-booster can hold a candle to Peak Male and the extraordinary benefits it provides!  

For more information about the modern use of adaptogens, go here: Secret Soviet Discovery

Some of the amazing benefits of the Adaptogen herbs in Peak Male and EmpowHer

Eleuthero: the best stress reducer

  • Protects your body from the dangers of stress
  • Boosts mental acuity and physical endurance 25
  • Helps you recover quickly from acute stress 26 
  • Enables longer workouts and quicker recovery 27 
  • Stimulates muscle growth and supports vital organs 28 
  • Improves learning and memory 29

Rhodiola: Great for the Mind and Memory

  • Helps students perform better under stress 7, 8
  • Reduces  stress-related hormones 9 
  • Boosts endorphins, the body’s feel-good compounds 13
  • Stimulates the immune system 14
  • Levels blood sugar 
  •  Assists in weight loss 12
  • Boosts libido 11

Ashwagandha:  The Natural Anti-Aging Herb

  • May extend lifespan and reverse aging
  • Combats mental and physical fatigue
  • Increases stamina & endurance
  • Reduces damage caused by various stressors
  • Increases the body’s resistance to disease
  • Improves sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Supports brain health and memory
  • Supports heart and circulation health

Rhaponticum:  Many Powerful Health Benefits

  • Promotes recovery from illness or surgery 
  • Protects vital organs such as the kidneys and liver
  • Numerous cardiovascular benefits
  • Normalizes blood sugar and insulin, anti-diabetic
  • Enhances immune activity 
  • Improves joint and bone health 
  • Improves stress resistance 

Reduces fat, builds muscle mass

  • Increases stamina & athletic performance 
  • Improves mental health, learning, and memory 
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces atherosclerosis

Schizandra: Strengthens & Normalizes   the Entire Body 

  • Builds endurance, reduces fatigue and exhaustion
  • Fights depression 
  • Improves memory
  • Protects the liver from toxins
  • Treats respiratory and digestive ailments
  • Increases  resistance to  stress
  • Protection from chemical and drug toxicities 
  • Protects DNA from damage 
  • Improves eyesight and  hearing
  •  Improves  mental acuity

Panax Ginseng: 5,000 Years of Use! 

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves immune function
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Relieves fatigue, increases  stamina
  • Anti-Aging
  • Increases muscle strength and endurance
  • Enhances memory and  mental activity
  • Anticancer, chemo-enhancing/chemo-sensitizing
  • Protects against environmental pollutants
  • Protects against the endothelial damage 
  • Improves glucose and insulin regulation
  • Effective for treating erectile dysfunction
  • Effective in treating ADHD
  • Cardiovascular restorative and protective
  • Anti-inflammatory; COX-2 inhibitor
  • Pulmonary restorative (improves COPD)
  • Liver protective/regenerative
  • Hormone-normalizing; phytoestrogenic
  • Neurological protection

Shilajit: Used by elite military units, cosmonauts and Olympic athletes for immune and nervous system balance

  • Improves physical performance
  • Enhances mental performance
  • Supports sexual stamina and libido
  •  Promotes longevity 
  • Increases lean muscle mass 
  • Promotes bone and tissue growth
  • Improves cognitive abilities, inhibits aging of the brain
  • Antibacterial,  anti-ulcer, anti-allergic
  • Speeds wound healing 
  • Increases bone density 
  • Improves prostate health 
  • Improves peripheral circulation
  • Enhances male and female reproductive  health 
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Enhances antioxidant defense against oxidative damage

Sources & References

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3. This review focuses primarily on the SAS-mediated stimulating effects of single doses of adaptogens derived from Rhodiola Rosea, Schizandra Chinensis and Eleutherococcus senticosus. The use of these drugs typically generates no side effects, unlike traditional stimulants that possess addiction, tolerance, and abuse potential, produce a negative effect on sleep structure, and cause rebound hypersomnolence or 'come down' effects. Furthermore, a single administration of these adaptogens effectively increases mental performance and physical working capacity in humans. R. Rosea is the most active of the three plant adaptogens producing, within 30 min of administration, a stimulating effect that continues for at least 4-6 h.