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Stevia Extract Powder (Debittered) - Organic
Joseph S. (Pompano Beach, US)
Great Product

Great product at a Great price.

Cacao Paste Wafers - Organic
Ruthann B. (Elmer, US)
Best tasting cacao

These cacao wafers taste better than any other I’ve tried. I’ll only buy them from Z Naturals!

Assam Tea - Organic
R.A.B. (Mountain City, US)

Superb. Best tea you can get if you like strong tea, so you can barely see the bottom of the cup. I use a full T. in a tea ball sieve for maybe 12 oz. of water. However, I first heat another cup of water and soak it for 45 seconds (and when that cup cools, I pour it on the soil my plants, along with the tea grounds (after the waste container, an old sour cream container, is full)... 45 seconds will remove 95% or so of the caffeine. Then I steep the tea ball in a new cup of hot water for 2 or 3 minutes. I naturally decaffeinate it because I drink many cups during the day and evening, and caffeine leaches iron from the blood, and caffeine keeps me up at night. Regardless of how you brew it to your taste, this is the best, and is the only tea leaf used in what is called Irish Breakfast (Twinning being the best I have tried, of a marketed brand; but there are no other ingredients, just 100% Assam). Assam is the same species of tea, Camelia sinensis, but, it is only grown in a specific region of India, and their unique climate and soil produces this superior tea.

Protein plus Collagen

To get the rejuvenating properties of Collagen along with protein is win win.

Fewer health complaints

I am a 76 year old active male, and have been taking Ultimate 25 superfood fusion for about 3 months now, and it has made a definite improvement on my overall health and well being. I have more energy, my BPH symptoms have improved, and my skin is healthier. Will continue to use this supplement each day.

Organic Instant Mushroom Coffee
Dennis R. (Dallas, US)
Love IT!!

The only coffee I drink.

Chia Seeds - Organic Black
Masako Y. (Matsudo, JP)

Chia Seeds - Organic Black

Black Currant Juice Powder - Organic
marren y. (Stanwood, US)
Black Current

Fighting inflammation in the body by eating these super berries.. eyes feeling stronger better vision. Joint hurting less. Super antioxident...

Broccoli Sprout Powder
Joe P. (Russellville, US)

I liked the product so well that I'm going to try to order more as of right now

Nutritional Yeast Flakes
chihlan c. (Fairfield, US)
Nutritional Yeast Flakes

I am the first time user but for a month or so now it seems work well.

Collagen Creamer (Vanilla Flavor)
M.A.C. (Sacramento, US)
delicious flavor

I love this, i used it with the cashew chocolate product they also have and water, it is very delicious 😋.

Psyllium Husk (Whole Flakes) - Organic
Linda B. (Powder Springs, US)
Excellent source of fiber

This is a great product, especially for those that are dieting. Provides extra fiber for a healthy digestive system.

Maca Root Powder (Red) - Organic Raw
Frank W. (Wellsboro, US)
Excellent product

Excellent product at a reasonable price.

Coconut Palm Sugar - Organic
Marta G. (Jacksonville, US)
Organic coconut palm sugar

Organic coconut palm sugar is a good choice as an alternative to white sugar, I like the fact that it has vitamins and minerals found in coconuts and not removed in refining process. Fast shipping!

Banana Flakes - Organic
Vivian S. (Minneapolis, US)

I got the flakes to prepare for a time of no access to bananas…At this point thankfully I can still get fresh ones… I am PREPPING for the future… so until drastic things happen, I won’t be using this product.


Tastes great. Gets me what I need inside. I’m bucking like a bronco now.

Buttermilk Powder
P.B. (Rochester, US)
Extremely Tasty

My only negative is that the 1 lb bag was emptied too quickly. I enjoyed it so much. Will definitely purchase again and the next time a larger amount.

Mindy (East Wenatchee, US)
Great Taste

This tastes the closest to cane sugar that I have been able to find. I Like that I can get it here in bulk for a better per pound price.

Customer service is unmatched

Great product!

Golden Milk - Organic
J.G. (Athens, US)

We drink a lot of Golden Milk here, and it's pretty safge to state that we've tried a lot of different brands/mixes. Z Naturals mix is the one we keep coming back to. While it's delicious all on its own, it's also a good base mix if you add other ingredients. I throw in a 1/2 tsp of garam masala and some extra ginger powder. If I want a creamier dessert drink, I add powdered goat's milk and some organic molasses or maple syrup.

Just go ahead and get the 5lb bag. ;)

Great taste and feel the raw vibrance

Seems harder to find truly raw, organic nuts now but these are fantastic!

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder - Organic
William K. (Wakeman, US)

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder - Organic

Vanilla Cream Whey Protein Isolate
linda s. (Sandpoint, US)
Whey Protein Powder

I just love adding this to my morning blended coffee drink. Makes it so creamy.

Wheatgrass Juice Powder - Organic
James H. (Sacramento, US)

Wheatgrass Juice Powder - Organic