If you’ve been learning about adaptogens, you probably have heard of their many positive effects on the body.  

One outstanding benefit – their ability to slow aging– is a critical feature of choosing adaptogens as a dietary supplement.

But if your goal is to use adaptogens to help you slow the effects of aging, how will you know if they are working?

You will know if adaptogens are working to help you slow the aging process when common health issues that often go along with aging start getting better.  For example, your sleep improves; you’re staying healthier and getting sick less often; you feel less stressed and calmer; you have more energy, and you are thinking more clearly. 

In this article, we will evaluate four ways adaptogens can help slow the aging process---and how you’ll know if adaptogens are truly working.  

We will also dive deep into adaptogens and provide examples of how this happens and what to look out for.  

Now let’s take a closer look at four ways adaptogens can slow the common effects of aging.

Four Ways Adaptogens Can Help Your Body Turn Back the Clock

1. Adaptogens can help your skin look and feel younger

With a long history as ancient Indian Ayurvedic herbs, Adaptogens have been used because of their medicinal properties. Adaptogens are rich in powerful plant compounds, and chances are high that you’ll visibly see positive changes in your skin as these antioxidants help fight against cellular damage.  

Derided from the Greek word “panacea” (a.k.a. cure-all), Panax Ginseng is one of the incredible adaptogens that has a long history of use in Chinese medicine to promote youth and longevity. A recent randomized, double-blind study published in the Journal of Ginseng Research found that this powerful adaptogen showed a significant increase in collagen production, scientifically validating it for its ability to create more youthful-looking skin. [5] 

2. Adaptogens can help slow aging effects by boosting your immune system

Here’s another amazing way in which adaptogens slow aging effects. Rhodiola Rosea is an incredible adaptogen known to enhance the ability of cells to produce high-energy molecules.  

This allows you to maintain energetic, well-functioning cells for longer periods.  

In other words, you’ll experience slower aging effects because you’ll have more energy and less fatigue even as you get older.

With each passing year, your immune function starts to decline, and your ability to fight off infection becomes more difficult.  

Rhodiola enhances immune function so that you may live a longer and healthier life. You’ll be less likely to experience infections, including the common cold,  the flu, and other sicknesses with a stronger immune system.[1] 

Additionally, this amazing adaptogen can eliminate certain proteins that would otherwise build up and cause harm to your cells. This is an essential factor in increasing longevity. You’ll know this is happening because you’ll be less tired and have more energy throughout the day.[2] 

3. Adaptogens can help you experience more brain power and less brain fog

Ashwagandha is an antioxidant-rich adaptogen commonly used to increase longevity.  This remarkable herb promotes both physical and mental health, and it helps revitalize the body during weakened conditions.  In addition, ashwagandha balances the central nervous system and promotes a better mood which may help to improve your brain function.  

Another remarkable adaptogen known as eleuthero has long been traditionally used to counter fatigue and weakness, boost energy, fight off colds and flu, relieve stress, and for its many other health and therapeutic benefits. 

But eleuthero's stimulating effects also extend to cognitive functioning. This adaptogen herb aids circulation and may increase blood flow to the brain, aiding memory and concentration. Some studies show that eleuthero could benefit people living with Alzheimer's disease due to its effects on cognitive functioning. Its stress-reducing properties can also help restore memory deficits and help Alzheimer's patients lead a higher quality of life. [6] 

4. Adaptogens support strong and healthy organs 

The thought of enhancing longevity can be encouraging.  Adaptogens can slow aging effects in that they can strengthen a variety of organs and systems in the body by helping your cells reach a state of “balance” (known as “homeostasis”).  

There are many actions involved at the cellular level for the body to gain balance, but one of the very important regulations is how your body responds to the stress hormone cortisol. When your body is under stress, a.k.a. “fight or flight”, cortisol is a molecule that is secreted from glands and regulates the functions of organs. [7] 

One of the chief characteristics that make an adaptogen, an adaptogen, is its ability to help the body obtain balance and achieve homeostasis. [7] How your body responds to stress, in itself, can help your body look and feel more youthful.

To sum up, here are just some of the powerful ways adaptogens can contribute to a healthier and longer life:

  • Adaptogens provide anti-stress qualities to help calm your mind and body
  • Adaptogens improve immune system functioning
  • Adaptogens reduce fatigue and increase energy
  • Adaptogens promote enhanced cell functioning throughout your body

Studies have shown you can realize even greater benefits from adaptogens when you take all the best adaptogens together. This is because each of these powerful herbs supports and enhances the benefits of the others. 

For example,  if you reduce stress, you’ll sleep better. And if you sleep better,  your immune system will be stronger, and you’ll be sick less often.  And when you are sick less often, you will have more energy and stamina, think more clearly, and have a better mood. 

And, when you have less stress, more sleep, better immunity, think more clearly, and are in a happier mood, you’ll have a more enjoyable, productive, and longer-lasting life.  

Lean Factor’s natural herbal supplements are specifically designed to support a healthy body because they contain all of the important adaptogens in therapeutic doses, as well as other natural ingredients that relieve stress, boost energy, and increase immunity.

 Below are Lean Factor’s most popular adaptogen supplements: 

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Peak Male for men -- Peak Male is a Total Mens’ Health Supplement that addresses the two main factors that cause men’s health to decline: high stress and low testosterone. Benefits of Peak Male include increased testosterone, increased energy, strength, and stamina, lean muscle mass, less belly fat, stress relief, better sleep, and improved mood. For more information about Peak Male, go here.

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As you can see, adaptogens play an important role in keeping slowing the effects of aging.  


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