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Can Adaptogen Herbs Really Keep us from Getting Sick?

by Sam Hirschberg on April 01, 2020

Experts agree that the immune system is our best defense against getting sick. Night and day it fights off invaders like viruses, bacteria, fungi and other dangerous microbes that can lead to colds, flu, infections and worse. 

Researchers with the National Institute of Mental Health report that stress suppresses the immune system and makes it less effective at disease protection.  But how do we keep our immune system working effectively, especially at times of high stress?

Scientists say there may be a way to strengthen immunity that most people haven’t heard of. It’s called: adaptogen herbs.

Protect Yourself from Stress and Boost Immunity

‘Adaptogen’ is a name given to a class of herbs that are able to survive in extremely stressful conditions. These unique herbs may have properties that protect humans from stress, while increasing immunity.  Used in Eastern medicine for centuries, adaptogens were believed to strengthen the body against disease, promoting stamina and longevity. 

“Stress is at an all-time high due to present conditions in the world, and we need our immune systems to be stronger than ever to protect us from disease,” says Jonathan Parker, Director of Nutrition Sciences for Lean Factor, a Florida-based company that develops wellness products.  “This is where adaptogens can help: not only have they been shown to strengthen immunity, they protect the body against the dangers of stress by reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol.” 

67% Less Influenza Risk!

In fact, a study done with 1,000 mine workers, under extremely stressful working conditions, found the incidence of flu during an influenza epidemic dropped by 67% when they consumed adaptogens. Could adaptogens be the secret to resisting the flu and colds?

Researchers suggest they could be and have found the most powerful adaptogens include: Panax Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Eleuthero, and Schisandra. 

“When our immune system is working well, we can be exposed to all kinds of harmful, disease-causing microbes without getting sick, says Parker. This is because our first line of defense, our amazing immune system,  is protecting us.”

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About Lean Factor
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