Low energy can be debilitating and often accompanied by headaches, fatigue, sleepiness, brain fog, lack of productivity, and other issues.

Fortunately, there are a variety of things a woman can take to boost her energy levels. From energy drinks to caffeine, herbs, OTC pills at your pharmacy, and natural supplements, there are many options a woman has to increase her energy.

Many women take natural herbal supplements for energy.  Herbs have been used for millennia in natural medicine. From traditional Chinese medicine, to Ayurvedic healers in India and folklore medicine in western Asia, herbs have been safely used to combat fatigue, low energy and lethargy.  

Four natural herbs that a woman can take for energy


There is a very specific category of  herbs that stand apart from all other herbs due to their remarkable ability to increase energy both mentally and physically  while greatly reducing mental and physical fatigue.  

These four herbs are known as adaptogen herbs because they are completely safe, have no negative effects, lower both  physical and mental stress,  and help to balance your hormones.  Adaptogen herbs  have unique energy-boosting effects and are similar in the way  they safely and naturally balance your  body, including regulating the all-important stress hormone cortisol.

Let’s explore these four herbs below.

  1. Ashwagandha is the most well-known of the four herbs in the Western world.  This herb has a positive effect on energy because it is a powerful relaxation and sleep herb.  An Ayervedic staple, ashwagandha is most commonly used as a stress reducer and for promoting deep sleep -- both of which directly impact your energy levels.
  2. Rhodiola is commonly called the King’s Crown because of its beautiful yellow flowers.  But its incredible healing powers are due to its bioactive substances that have undergone hundreds of research studies. This amazing herb has been cherished for hundreds of years by natural healers who have found it effective for boosting mental and physical performance, enhancing memory, and improving mental health.
  3. Schisandra berry is an amazing herb that regulates both a woman’s energy and stress levels. Schisandra has been known for centuries as a potent herb that  fights fatigue. It’s been used to increase energy, strength, and stamina in China, Japan, Korea, and Russia for generations.  Scientists have discovered that schisandra actually acts much like a stimulant. It works on the central nervous system and gives both mind and body a lasting energy boost without the jitters that you would typically get from coffee or other stimulants.
  4. Shilajit is the most unique of all the herbs. It's actually an “herbo-mineral” that flows from the high mountain rocks of the Himalayas in the heat of summer. Shilajit delivers powerful minerals and nutrients deep into tissues which help you  overcome tiredness, lethargy, and chronic fatigue.  Additionally, shilajit is unique because it increases the potency and the bio-availability of each of the other herbs, making their benefits even stronger. Shilajit is also  well-known for improving one’s ability to handle stress and boosting your immune system.


A safe, natural energy boost that lasts all-day


Each of these four herbs can deliver a remarkable, sustained boost in energy for most any woman.  While each of these herbs is part of the powerful adaptogen herb family that  helps to reduce stress,  each herb has unique characteristics.

To experience the very best results, research has shown that adaptogen herbs are most effective when taken together. That’s because adaptogens  support one another's strengths and deliver greater benefits and healing power when combined.

It is not easy to find ashwagandha, rhodiola, shizandra and shilajit in potent, therapeutic doses combined together in one single supplement.  In fact, only one supplement we know of does this:  EmpowHer by Lean Factor.

EmpowHER is  an amazing all- natural women's health supplement. EmpowHER contains all four of the adaptogens listed above  plus three other complimentary adaptogen herbs as well as dozens of supporting herbs and other nutrients that further increase its effectiveness. 

All these nutrients are combined  specifically for women to boost energy,  relieve stress, promote great sleep, balance hormones naturally, and protect your health from the  serious dangers of chronic stress. For more information about EmpowHER, please go here.

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