Peak Male FAQ

1. What sets Peak Male apart from every other T Booster and men's health supplement available anywhere?

Peak Male is an ultra-premium supplement that is different from every other men’s health product in the world.  It gives you far more scientifically-proven benefits and is actually 4 different supplements in one:

First, it’s an advanced and powerful testosterone booster that contains the best testosterone-boosting herbs

Secondly, Peak Male is a fat-burner that increases your metabolism so your body naturally burns more fat when you exercise and throughout the entire day. 

Thirdly, Peak Male is a powerful stress reducer that fights and protects your body from every type of stress -- including mental, physical,  emotional, chemical and environmental stress.  As you probably know, stress is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression, dementia and many other modern diseases. 

Fourth, Peak Male is ‘vaso-dialator’ which means it opens up the arteries and increases blood flow and circulation throughout the body. *  This has benefits for your heart and blood vessels and helps with high blood pressure and ED.

There’s  no other men’s supplement in the world like Peak Male and the scientifically proven health benefits it gives you are unmatched by any other product.

In a nutshell, Peak Male increases your energy, strength, stamina, muscle and sex drive, while reducing fat, relieving stress and anxiety, promoting great sleep  and powerfully protecting your health in ways no other testosterone booster or men’s supplement can.

2. What will Peak Male do for me? 

Peak Male can do many amazing things for you!

For starters, here are some of the most common benefits most people experience with Peak Male:

  • Fat loss, specifically targeting abdominal fat -- Regulates your fat control hormones and boosts your metabolism to increase fat burning.
  • Muscle, Strength, Endurance, & Recovery -- Regardless of your age, Peak Male is specially designed to help your body reach a regenerative (anabolic) phase. 
  • Sound, Restful Sleep -- Peak Male utilizes a combination of relaxing, anti-anxiety herbs shown to help people fall asleep and stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 
  • Protects your body from the life-threatening effects of chronic stress.
  • Relief from stress & anxiety with the most powerful anti-stress and anti-anxiety all-natural substances known to science.
  • Reversal of the effects of aging by fortifying and rebuilding cells, organs, glands, bones, skin, muscles, and other tissues.
  • Increased energy & stamina, less fatigue - Supports long-lasting, sustained energy at a cellular level by increasing ATP. 
  • Protects your health in 8 powerful ways.
  • Better mood & mental clarity - Supports clear thinking, a sharp focus and a healthy memory.
  • Circulation & cardiovascular health - Supports healthy blood flow and circulation by relaxing and dilating blood vessels.
  • Hormonal balance - Supports and re-balances all of your hormone levels. 

3. How does Peak Male work?

One of Peak Male’s most important jobs is to balance your hormones. This is because hormones regulate almost everything in your body, and when even one of them is too high or too low, there can be problems.

There is a multitude of reasons why any of the 50+ hormones produced by the human body can get out of balance, and the longer the imbalance persists the more problems can arise. The adaptogen blend in Peak Male has shown to be very effective in normalizing your hormone levels which can bring your body back into optimal balance. 6, *

For example, when your hormones are out of balance, your body’s stress systems are triggered causing weight gain, fatigue, muscle wasting, sleep problems, mental fog and more. Symptoms like these, and even much worse, are your body’s way of telling you that there is an internal problem going on and your hormones are out of balance.

This is where Peak Male goes into action to help normalize your hormones. When hormones are balanced, your body can get back to burning stubborn fat, increasing energy and reducing fatigue, improving libido, gaining mental clarity and helping you feel great again.

4. How does Peak Male help you lose fat?

Studies show that when some of your hormones are out of balance, your weight may be too. Two of these fat controlling hormones are testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol. Low testosterone (Low T) and excess cortisol leads to increased abdominal fat, making the fat  even more difficult to lose through diet and exercise alone. This is especially true for the dangerous abdominal (visceral) fat that surrounds your organs.

Peak Male works by naturally and simultaneously increasing your testosterone levels and lowering your cortisol levels. This process blocks the storage of new fat and also reduces existing abdominal fat stores.3 Depending upon where your T levels are starting, it may take some time for your testosterone to build and start working in your system before this chemical process signals your body to use abdominal fat as fuel for your metabolic requirements.

Although some men report losing fat in the first few weeks, for others, it may take 30 to 60 days of consistently using Peak Male before they see fat loss.

We suggest you measure your waistline rather than stepping on the scale because testosterone not only causes you to lose fat around the middle, it builds muscle and bone (lean body mass) which weighs more than fat. Hence some people may even gain a few pounds while actually losing inches on their waistline - leaving them feeling leaner, healthier and in a better mood!

5. Are there any negative side effects associated with Peak Male?

Peak Male is 100% safe, natural and is not a drug. Peak Male contains no harmful chemicals, no synthetics, no steroids, no stimulants and no caffeine. There are no harmful side effects whatsoever.

6. Is it OK to increase the amount of PM capsules I take a day?

Because Peak Male is a completely safe, all-natural product, there is no danger in increasing your dosage if you want to. Some men like to take an extra capsule or two for extra energy and strength before a strenuous workout or to jump-start their testosterone production if they have very Low T. Other times you may want to increase your dosage are during periods of high stress or to help you see faster weight loss results.

7. When will I see results from Peak Male?

We regularly receive reviews from people having great results within 3 weeks and sometimes even sooner. Results vary widely among individuals depending on body chemistry, testosterone, and cortisol levels when first starting Peak Male.

Also, it is important to recognize that since Peak Male is an all natural, herbal dietary supplement, most people don’t see an immediate effect like medications often provide.

While results can vary, many people report realizing increased energy and reduced stress from Peak Male within 2 to 3 weeks. If you have low energy and don’t see an improvement in about 3 weeks, we suggest you increase your dosage by taking an extra 1 or 2 capsules daily. Alternatively, if the 4 daily suggested capsules are too strong you can try 3 a day and see how you feel.

Because Peak Male is so much more than just a T-Booster, it is common for people to experience results which they don’t realize are attributable to Peak Male, such as: better mood and attitude, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, improved focus and concentration, more motivation, increased libido, less pain, and a greater overall sense of well-being.

8. Is Peak Male a testosterone or hormone pill?

Peak Male is not a testosterone pill and contains no hormones whatsoever. It is a completely natural blend of herbs and other nutrients. The herbal formula helps your body produce more of your own natural testosterone and/or make more of your own “free” testosterone bio-available for your body to use. It does this by helping your body balance ALL of your hormones, not just testosterone. The herbs in Peak Male have been used for hundreds of years and some have even been used for thousands of years!

9. What is the difference between the testosterone a doctor prescribes and Peak Male?

Medical doctors prescribe what is known as “Testosterone Replacement Therapy” (or Testosterone Therapy) or TRT to treat Low Testosterone (“Low T”). TRT uses synthetic testosterone which comes in several forms including: injections, patches, creams and even a ‘gum rub’.

There is a lot of debate about the safety of TRT therapies and their long term health effects. It is important that you go over all the risks and side effects of TRT with your doctor. Many of the side effects relate to a thickening of the blood which lowers oxygen delivery to the tissues. The potential TRT side effects include: heart attack, stroke, enlarged prostate, sleep apnea, blood clots, chest pain, difficulty breathing, speech difficulties, low sperm count, low HDL (“good”) cholesterol, acne, blood clots in the lungs, cancer of the blood.

Alternatively, Peak Male does not contain any testosterone, either synthetic or natural. Rather, it is a completely natural blend of herbs and other nutrients which cause your body to produce more of your own natural testosterone and/or make more of your own testosterone bioavailable to be absorbed and used by your body. 3, *

10. Can I take Peak Male even though I am taking a testosterone prescription or other medication? 

Many customers want to reduce the amount of prescriptions they are taking. Since Peak Male is 100% natural and is not a synthetic or an actual hormone, it is completely safe to take with your medications, including prescription testosterone. Before making any changes to your medication however, it is advisable to check with your doctor.

For best results, take your Peak Male at least 2 hours from the time you take any medications, including TRT.

11. What’s in Peak Male? 

Peak Male is an ultra-premium, scientifically-validated adaptogenic herbal blend containing 31 potent active natural ingredients. At therapeutic concentrations, this formulation is specifically developed to attack stubborn belly fat and recharge hormone levels. With powerful bio-enhancers, Peak Male is the most potent rejuvenation formula available.

Each daily serving of Peak Male (4 capsules) contains a potent patent-pending combination of 5 proprietary blends. For a complete list of ingredients, go here.