The Amazing Russian Discovery

Hidden for Decades . . .

“Discover the Closely Guarded Soviet Secret that Resulted in Winning an Unprecedented 195 Medals in the 1980 Olympics”

From the Cold War to the Space Race, the U.S.S.R. had one mission:

To Conquer the World

And only one country stood in its way: the U.S.A.

It was a very dangerous time in history. The world was on edge as its two great Superpowers were pitted against each other in a frightening nuclear arms race and seemed to  teetering on the brink of World War III and the threat of nuclear annihilation.

The West never forgot the day during the height of the Cold War when Communist dictator, Nikita Khrushchev, in a speech to Western diplomats, took off his shoe and banged it loudly on the podium in front of him as he angrily shouted:

-Communist Dictator, Nikita Khrushchev, 1960


Or the Cuban Nuclear Missile crisis when the Soviets placed nuclear weapons only 90 miles off the shore of Florida. A frightening, tension-filled showdown resulted as the US and USSR faced off in the biggest, most threatening confrontation ever -- a showdown that could have easily led to a nuclear holocaust. For 13 long days in October of 1962, the world held its breath wondering if this would be the start of . . .

World War III and  Mutually Assured Destruction

The Cold War could have led to a nuclear conflagration

No one really wanted war because both countries knew if they initiated a nuclear war, it would be impossible to destroy the enemy without also being annihilated themselves in the process.

Each side had a strategy designed to prevent an attack from the other. It was known as “Mutually Assured Destruction” (or “MAD”). MAD was truly a no-win situation, and some have speculated it might have actually prevented the Cold War from turning into an all-out nuclear war.

The USSR Found Another Way to Win

The Soviet Union’s goal was to dominate the world -- militarily, politically, and scientifically. But plagued by economic problems: poverty, scarcity, food shortages,and hours-long bread lines (think Venezuela today), the Soviets knew they couldn't hold a candle to the West's boundless economic growth and prosperity after World War II. Driven by a desperate desire to catch up with the West, the Soviets determined they would beat the West in another way:

by having the best performing (both mentally and physically), strongest, smartest and most productive people in the world including: the greatest athletes, military, scientists, doctors, astronauts, and even chess players.

An outstanding Soviet achievement: On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man ever to travel into outer space.

With this goal in mind, decades before the Russians started using banned substances at the Olympics, the USSR secretly hired a team of over 1200 of the highest-level Russian scientists, biologists and physicians to develop natural “tonic substances” that boosted the performance of their elite personnel while adhering to strict health guidelines.

And these top scientists worked for decades on this secret project.

What did the Soviet Scientists Discover?

This "modern research" got an early start during World War II in an effort to increase stamina, endurance, and performance of Russian soldiers who were thrust into the worst fighting conditions on earth.(2)

The Soviet Academy of Science studied 4000 different plants and were the first in modern history to discover a small group of herbs that could greatly reduce stress and improve the mental and physical performance of their pilots, soldiers, and submarine crews.

Over 1200 Soviet scientists conducted 3000+ studies on the effectiveness of adaptogens to increase human performance.

"The Soviets' pursuit of superior military strength, performance in the Olympic Games, political power, and the excellence of the well-known Bolshoi ballet mattered so much to them that whatever they could do to accomplish the goal of dominance was pursued."
--Adaptogense - Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief by David Winston

But these amazing herbs were not new; they had been used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and by other Asian and European cultures.

Yet they had never been scientifically studied . . .

until the Russian scientists discovered them.

Their Research Was Massive!

The Soviet Union’s desire to be the best in the world fueled the scientific study of this specialized group of herbs for decades --- primarily from 1955 through 1985.(7)

This research became so powerful and groundbreaking that the scientists coined the term "adaptogen" -- which refers to protective plants that help the body adapt to and resist every type of stress -- including mental, physical, chemical and environmental stress.(1)(10)

The Ministry of Defense conducted tests in the 1970s in a secret, sealed research city on the frigid plains of Siberia.(5)

        Studies were done in many secret research
across Russia where scientists conducted research for the military, sports and space programs.

Over the years, more than 3000 clinical trials and experimental studies on adaptogens were conducted yielding phenomenal discoveries!

Yet these discoveries remained a hidden secret for decades!

Forbidden to Share Their Discoveries
with the World

The Soviet government wasn’t about to leak the secrets of increased human performance for the rest of the world to benefit from! They demanded the strictest secrecy on this carefully-guarded research, and researchers were under threat of imprisonment if they ever let the secrets out.

The Soviet goverment supported the scientific research of adaptogens because it shrewdly recognized that these herbs could provide the Soviets with an advantage in the sports and military arenas, as well as in medicine.(7)

Determined to have the best athletes in the world,
When the USSR found a Unique way to gain an advantage over the US and other nations.

Because most of the 3000+ scientific studies were never translated from Russian into other languages, they were unknown for decades to other scientists around the world. When the USSR finally fell in the early 1990’s, much of the research was lost until recently being rediscovered.

Adaptogens Enabled Incredible Mental
and Physical Results

Because of these well-researched and documented results, adaptogens became massively useful to the USSR at the highest levels of performance. They were used in the Soviet space exploration program, Arctic expeditions, high-level athletic competitions including the Olympic Games, World Chess Competitions, Soviet nuclear programs and in many other highly demanding and stressful circumstances. (2)

Using adaptogens, the Soviet Union was able to:
  • Win an unprecedented 80 Gold and 195 total medals in the 1980 Olympics  
  • Championed the Space Race by being the first nation to send a man into space
  • Win an amazing ten back-to-back World Chess Championships
  • Pioneered many nuclear programs including harnessing nuclear energy for electricity and building the world’s first nuclear power plant
  • Accomplished many global-dominating achievements and scientific advances

The use of stress-reducing, performance-boosting adaptogenic herbs was  credited for much of the outstanding performance of Soviet athletes in the 1980 and 1988 Olympic Games.

Now these same powerful Adaptogenic herbs used by the Soviets and proven
effective in over 3000 clinical and scientific studies are . . .

Available to You in Peak Male!

And here are some of the things the adaptogens in Peak Male can do for you:

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  • Have a calming, anti-anxiety effect on you
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  • Reduce aches and pain due to anti-inflammatory properties
  • Extend the lifespan of your cells and promote anti-aging
  • Rejuvenate your entire body

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The Soviet government hired over a thousand high-level scientists who worked for decades to find ways to make their people stronger, smarter, healthier and the most outstanding performers on earth. Using adaptogens, here’s what they found:

Elite Athletes Improved Performance, Stamina and Recovery

  • The Study: Soviet Olympic teams and other sports teams during challenging training and competition.
  • The Result: Improved stamina and recovery, increased oxygen intake, and better performance.

Amazing Improvement in Immunity Under Harshest Conditions

  • Study of 1,000 mining workers in Siberia.
  • The Result: Incidence of cases during an influenza epidemic dropped by 67%.

Truck Drivers Improve Productivity, Resist Sickness

  • The Study: 1,200 long-distance truck drivers.
  • The Result: Improved productivity and reduced incidence of influenza cases during an epidemic by 30%.

14,000 Factory Workers Reduce Heart Disease

  • The Study: 14,000 auto factory workers.
  • The Result: 40% drop in symptoms of high blood pressure and heart disease; a 30% decrease in total reported symptoms

50% Decrease in Cancer Drugs!

  • The Study: 107 patients receiving anti-cancer drugs for gastric cancer.
  • The Result: 50% less damage to immunity; a 50% decrease in drug dosage.9, *

Runners Drastically Reduce Race Time

  • The Study100 Soldiers Who Ran a 3 Kilometer Race
  • The Result: Soldiers who were given an adaptogen right before the race cut running time by an average of 53 seconds!