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Cinnamon Powder (Ceylon) - Organic
Myron H. (Jacksonville, US)


Cacao Powder - Extra Rich - Organic
Kathleen M. (Flagstaff, US)

Z Naturals cacao powder is super delicious and rich

Lime Juice Powder - Organic
ANDREA K. (Kill Devil Hills, US)
Great product

Good flavor and consistency

Broccoli Sprout Powder
Ben P. (Sydney, AU)

Broccoli Sprout Powder

Ultra Whey Protein Isolate
K.O. (Charlotte, US)
Perfect for gluten free baking!

I use this product to bake beautiful bread and pizza dough.

Goat Milk Powder
Glen H. (Indianola, US)
Love this goats milk,

Rich and creamy, smooth taste.
Product is great quality, only thing is the price is steep.
Z Natural is the lowest price out there but it is still spendy for us on a small budget and that’s our honest opinion. Thank you

Spirulina Powder - Organic
Gabriel M. (Nashville, US)

Love this spirulina!!

Organic Instant 7 Mushroom Coffee (Black)
marren y. (Sedro-Woolley, US)
Mushroom coffee

Tastes Great! Like rich coffee flavor enhanced by mushroom….. Good time to get the mushroom healers

Whey Protein Concentrate - Organic
Jacob H. (Fort Worth, US)
High quality product

Mucho bueno

Sun Dried Goji Berries - Organic
Deborah W. (Dallas, US)
Smell and taste high quality

These dried goji berries taste like candy, they're sweet and full of flavor.

Best coffee ever!! Loved the flavor and there is no taste of Mushroom

This the best coffee to have in the morning

Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) Extract - 7% Mogroside V

Great product

I use this as a medicinal for my pets. It is of good quality, the price is right, and delivery is quick.

Barley Grass Juice Powder - Organic
Maria C. (Houston, US)
arley grass is extremely healthy and gives you lots of energy

Hello Z Natural Foods Team,

We buy barley grass because it is extremely healthy.

It provides the body with many vital substances and nutrients and inhibits inflammation.
It helps the intestinal flora.
It helps the immune system and therefore has many positive effects on various biological and biochemical processes.

We utilise the positive effects of chlorophyll in particular. Chlorophyll is the green pigment of plants.

Some recent studies have shown that this chlorophyll is even similar to chemotherapy.

It therefore protects our cells. It helps the organism to cope with certain changes in the cellular process.

Barley grass gives the body many plant building blocks that it can really use to boost its defence mechanisms.

I recommended barley grass to my niece Diane Gonzales, who then bought 5 pounds from you.

Best regards

Maria del Carmen Cervantes

Assam Tea - Organic
Pamela C. (Temple Hills, US)

Great quality!

Goat Whey Protein Concentrate
James C. (Orlando, US)

Goat Whey Protein Concentrate

Rooibos Tea (Red) - Organic
Nick B. (Loveland, US)
Great product at a good price and quick delivery.

Thank you!

Lemon Juice Powder - Organic
Lesley M. (Sarasota, US)
Pleasing Authentic Lemon

I prefer this lemon powder over the other brands that are more sour while this brand is exceptionally sweeter with no added sugar. Their lemon selection is indicative of a true organic flavor.

Instant Coffee Powder - Organic
Linda B. (Powder Springs, US)
Great flavor

Great taste, healthy because it's organic. I like to combine it with Vanilla Cream Whey Protein isolate. It's always a good idea to keep instant coffee on hand in case the coffee maker breaks down or if there is a power failure. Mixes well if one is in a hurry and does not have time to brew a full pot of coffee. All organic.

Barley Grass Powder - Organic
Venice A. (Porter Ranch, US)

Organic barley powder is a very excellent supplement, no side effects easy to use anytime , it’s a preventive supplement in all ages!! Love it!!

Refreshing and low sodium

This is really tasty! I was looking for a low sodium hydration option that still had electrolytes. This is the closest thing I've found to canned coconut water. I definitely recommend mixing and chilling before drinking for best taste. It's also a cost effective option over canned coconut water. Having the carbon offset option with shipping is a really nice touch as well :)

Beet Root Powder - Organic
fred p. (Temecula, US)
Beet root powder is excellent I really like it

I have tasted others, but the beet root powder is the best

Allulose Sweetener
Camille K. (Temecula, US)
switched from another sweetener because its been found to hurt your heart

the find ground suits the find powdered monk fruit I mix 50/50 because monk fruit is extremely sweet and allulose is not as sweet as sugar

Strong Pea Protein Taste

The base is pea protein, so if you’re not use to that already, you’ll have a time with it for a while. It can be masked to some degree with many of their products, to name a few, mesquite, mango or strawberry powder. The latter flavor which many people are hoping will be an an available version of Optimum 30 in the near future. All in all, good product once you master the aftertaste.

Instant Mushroom Coffee - Organic
Roger B.B. (Dallas, US)
Accidental order

I accidentally ordered a couple of bags of this, so naturally I’m going to use it up. It seems to be a good product., flavor and whatnot.
I had intended, and did order, the 7 Mushroom Coffee. For my purpose the 7 Mushroom Coffee is a better fit.