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Pomegranate Juice Powder - Organic
Bruce W. (Montclair, US)
Excellent Product

I like this product, good flavor. I drink it everyday. Highly recommend.

Ultra Whey Protein Isolate
J F. (Brazoria, US)


Seems legit

Had tried a tongkat ali extract supplement, it made me feel I had more energy for physical activity and a more forward-facing attitude in life.
This powder seems stronger and the effect deeper, prefer to the supplement.
Only warning the taste can probably be bitter for some, I drink the tea swallowing the powder with it.

Collagen MCT Creamer (Unflavored)
Robert S.S.S. (Los Angeles, US)
Works wonders in your coffee

I have a bunch of different meds I take every day and the biggest side effect is constipation. I use this and the 7 mushroom blend and it’s amazing.

Goat Whey Protein Concentrate
nancy s. (Santa Barbara, US)
Goat Whey Protein

I was concerned about the taste when I ordered, but have been pleasantly surprised with the taste. The orange julius drink we make taste great with the goat whey protein concentration. Still working to blend in my morning coffee.
I need to use a blender to get the best results. Definitely would buy again.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides - Grass-Fed
Teresa V. (Chula Vista, US)

This has helped me with my back and stay young. I have used this for many years now about 5 years, and people think I'm 15 years youngerbecause I have no wrinkles!. Just remember to drink something that has vitamin C or supplement to be able to utilize the collagen.

Heavy Cream Powder
Scott P. (Crestline, US)
Stays fresh

Good product returning customer. This powdered heavy cream has a good flavor. I use one teaspoon in my coffee with a little sugar free Irish cream Torani syrup. Great low carb sugar free sweet morning coffee. Same as fresh if made in stainless steel or glass jar and let it it sit for several minutes if used directly in coffee as powder a little grainy texture but fresh taste makes up for and don’t notice. A little expensive but no waste because powder stays fresh till mixed with liquid. Also works well in baking if mixed with other dry ingredients before being mixed will liquids. Worked for me. A little on warm side with water mix then let sit in fridge till chilled.

Whey Protein Isolate - Organic
Erika K.K. (Alpharetta, US)
So fresh and so clean clean

I love that there are no additives of any kind. At all. I can make it into any flavor I like.

Maca Root Powder (Black) - Organic Raw
Samuel I. (Haʻikū, US)
Quality process much obliged

Always use these guys. Quality.

Ultra Whey Protein Isolate
Jeff F. (Boynton Beach, US)

Very “clean” high quality protein. Tasteless, mixes well


This berry blend is something special—I use it in my protein shakes. It is delicious, and like powdered gold when you consider the health benefits. I don’t even mind the price, you get what you pay for, and I don’t have the time, money, or inclination to purchase and run a freeze dryer. THANK YOU for offering this product!! I can’t even imagine how many berries need to be washed and processed or the work it takes in order to make this bag. Amazing.

Excellent quality products

I have been ordering Red Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder from Z Natural Foods for many years now. I can’t see ordering from anyone else because they have the best products that I have tried. And, there customer support is second to none. I highly recommend anything they have to offer.

Heavy Cream Powder
Michael B. (Houston, US)
Love Love Love This Product & Company

I manufacture Creme-Delish Culinary Powder, and it's important for us to have quality ingredients. This heavy cream has no fillers, no anti-clumping agents, no extra **** you find in other heavy cream products. Another thing I like is that you can actually call them. So many companies today don't let you do this and when you call they are very helpful and they put up with all my questions, gave me great information and were very polite.

Sweet Alternative

Monk Fruit powder has been a great substitute for sugar in my recipes. I add a pinch of salt to the recipes, too, and the taste is quite natural. Keeps my blood sugar levels stable.

Great product

Great product and taste

Organic 7 Mushrooms Blend
Grace T. (Old Saybrook, US)
Super 7

I have been using this mushroom tea for one year and I love it. It has replaced my morning coffee.

Banana Powder - Organic
Andrew J. (Philadelphia, US)
Banana powder

Great for smoothies when mixed with chocolate powder!

unique and convenient

I find the soup base powder to be a very convenient and frequently used item in my kitchen. It has a mild and pleasant taste.

Great flavor!

Adds great flavor to my smoothies!

Whole Milk Powder
G C. (Apple Valley, US)
Very good

Was hesitant about trying another powdered milk, but very pleased with it. Will buy again!

Whey Protein Isolate
Celeste G. (Richmond, US)
Awesome Product !

This is a great product for those looking to build more muscle. It has all the amino Acids needed to help build lean muscle & tone from head to toe.
I would advise anyone to purchase this product selling @ such a Great & Affordable Price. Delivery was On Time by FedEx Safely & Securely Packaged.
Thank You Lean Factor For Making This product Available & Affordable Just For Me!

Best and most delicious Cacao Powder

This has to be the best cacao powder I have ever tried. Will never buy Nestle cocoa or any other cocoa/cacao powder out there. Rich smooth and awesome. great delivery too!

Berry Punch Collagen Peptides
Kevin L.L. (Portland, US)
Good taste.

I like the berry punch collagen peptides especially mixed in with smoothies. Not quite as sweet as i expected but maybe that's a good thing. I do notice that collagen peptides help keep the skin looking fresh.

Maca Root Powder - Organic Raw
N.B. (Las Vegas, US)
Good stuff

I've been using it for a long time. A few times I had tried not taking it.. bad idea. It really helps with anxiety and hormonal balance. It came quick and nicely packaged. You can't beat the price either!

Goat Milk Powder
Jenn (Philadelphia, US)

When I learned the difference between cow's milk, even A2, and goat's milk I was stunned. This is the better more for my inflammation and I feel better having added it to my grain & sugar free diet. The most affordable option in my area is the most convenient 5lbs per month at least. I make it as needed rather than providing refrigerator space for a carton and risk spoiling. I love dairy and I don't have a lactose issues so I drink quite a bit. I love the rich "goaty" flavor. It's creamy and smooth. Blends easily in my Vitamix on low speed. It's so adaptable.
I use this as a base for coffee, homemade ice cream, protein drinks, and all my dairy needs. It's safe to sprinkle dry on my dogs food as a treat.

I wish there was a 10lb bag option. ♥️