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Incan Trail Mix - Organic
Claire A. (Congress, US)
Awesome products

Hits the spot and taste great. Love having it on hand anytime I need

Vanilla Cream Whet Protein

Love it!

Walnuts - Raw - Heirloom - Organic
Anonymous (Southfield, US)
If I could I would

I loved the organic pecans and Organic Walnuts.
The price is too expensive for me to buy for the quantity I need.

This is quality whey, but...

The whey is good quality, no additives like sucralose which is a major reason I am buying it. However, one thing I do not like compared to other whey protein packages I have had before is how long, or I should say deep these bags are. When you get to being more than halfway through using it you literally have to stick your entire forearm down tinto the bag to get the powder out and then if you have a longsleeve shirt or sweater on then your getting whey protein powder on it. Some might say, well then just roll up you sleeve and that may be true, but it is less sanitary for the remaining contents to always stick your arm into the bag. The other whey proteins I have used before like the one from Optimum Nutrition had a wider bag and opening making it not as deep and easier to get the powder out, but this one is too narrow and deep for my liking. I still give this a 5 based on quality and also because more people read the 1 and 5 stars reviews and I wanted to share this with other people so they know what to expect if they never ordered it before.

Turmeric Root Powder - Organic
Carol M. (Inglewood, US)
Healthy and Delicious

I use the Turmeric Powder in Bean/Rice stews, and it is very flavorable. Thank you Z Natural Foods!

Product review

I have used the 7 mushroom blend, the lion's mane, coconut milk, moringa tea from Z Natural. Their products consistently rate a 5 star review. Ordering is easy, products arrive within a few days and their customer service is the best. Actual people answer the phones. I love their products.

Ultra Whey Protein Isolate
Gerard G. (Houston, US)
Ultra whey

Great product

Baobab Fruit Powder - Organic
Angel R. (Aguadilla, PR)
Perfect Service

We all want fast service, excellent products and hoping that the Postal Service delivers without any damages. I think ZNatural knows this and they always ship fast. Thank You for that./

Cacao Paste Wafers - Organic
Mark C. (Long Beach, US)
I Love This Place

I am so grateful for Z Naturals and their Love and Goodness in the products an the ease of ordering!

Ultra Whey Protein Isolate
S.V.L. (Tucson, US)
Fabulous product.

The isolate tastes so good and is also packed full of good nourishment!

Dark Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate
Michael G.G. (Hartsville, US)
Whey isolate

Love this whey. Very delicious and affordable

Spirulina Powder - Organic
Steve H. (Hughson, US)

Very happy with your work.

very good product1

Absolutely love the 7 Mushroom creamer

The coffee is so delicious that when I get low, I start to panic that I’m not gonna have enough until I can get more, crazy know. This is where I get my MCT oils for the day


It’s difficult to imagine that mushrooms could taste good in coffee, but this is really good! Doesn’t quite replace cream, but I use less dairy with this. I would like to see this unflavored—I prefer cinnamon in my coffee over vanilla. When I found out that shiitake mushrooms were high in copper (which most Americans are deficient in), this sealed the deal for me.

Goat Milk Powder
Glenda C. (Kansas City, US)
Best Powdered Goat milk, excellent product.

Thanks to this powdered goat milk from Z natural foods I am able to enjoy my cocoa twice a day with zero intestinal problems. I am amazed at how creamy and delicious this product is. I use it in any recipe that calls for milk. Love it, thanks.

Chlorella Powder (Cracked Cell Wall)
Vada P. (Los Angeles, US)
Loved it

I always buy this chlorella powder all the time! So good for my skin and detox as well.

Matcha Green Tea Powder - Organic
Leslie B. (Miami, US)
Great product1

I really appreciate this very high-quality and relatively mild-tasting matcha. Great product for your health and at a great price!

Ultra Whey Protein Isolate
Robert W. (Lehigh Acres, US)
Whey to go

Been buying from Z Natural for years.Always top quality,fair prices and fast delivery.Consistent…

Heavy Cream Powder
GREYt H. (Antioch, US)

Just ordered my second bag I love it so much! Just perfect!! I use it powdered but I love mixing with water and storing it in the fridge. Tastes wonderful in my chicory drink!!

Psyllium Husk (Whole Flakes) - Organic
Maruketo B. (San Dimas, US)
Psyllium Husk

Love this psyllium husk excellent quality

Barley Grass Powder - Organic
Selena S. (Hermosa Beach, US)
Quick delivery! Great product!

I’ve been ordering organic barley grass powder from z natural foods for several years. High quality barley grass powder at a great price!

Pomegranate Juice Powder - Organic
Bruce W. (Montclair, US)
Excellent Product

I like this product, good flavor. I drink it everyday. Highly recommend.

Ultra Whey Protein Isolate
J F. (Brazoria, US)


Seems legit

Had tried a tongkat ali extract supplement, it made me feel I had more energy for physical activity and a more forward-facing attitude in life.
This powder seems stronger and the effect deeper, prefer to the supplement.
Only warning the taste can probably be bitter for some, I drink the tea swallowing the powder with it.